About Teresa Howes

We help you find YOUR True North!!

Our mission is to unify employees and employers with a shared, common goal and provide the necessary learning, training and development to exceed those goals.

Successful companies are not only smart, they are healthy. The majority of most organizations spend their time, energy and focus on marketing, strategy and finance, of which all are critical to succeed. However, leveraging and investing in your human capital not only provides you with the competitive advantage but also creates a healthy organization with happy, loyal and energized employees.

True North Leadership  provides training and development programs that will help every employee rise to their highest and best contribution, while taking their company to new levels of performance.

To achieve this, one tool we use is the Core Values Index (CVI). The CVI is an online assessment that takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and measures a person’s innate, unchanging Core Value Nature. We use this tool to create awareness and clear understanding of why others and themselves act and behave in certain ways.

The ability to understand ourselves and one another at a deeper level, allows people to engage in open communication and have strategic conversations regarding what is best for the organization.  This results in individuals being committed to decisions, rather than simply being compliant. T&M Solutions will help you to achieve this with what we call Value-Added Relationship Training and Development.

By developing individuals who have greater awareness of what motivates them, in addition to providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills, they can drive their own, and thus, the organization’s success through measured results.

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About Teresa Howes

Teresa Howes Lester is the founder and president of T&M Solutions with more than 20 years of business experience.  She is a licensed Training and Development Consultant, who believes in the power of people.
Her enthusiasm and passion for working with individuals and teams to contribute their best both personally and professionally, inspires people to change their actions and behaviors.

Teresa believes that the ability to build and maintain strong relationships are a core competency of any company, both inside and outside the organization, and that a company’s success depends on developing the skills necessary to accomplish this.  She is particularly skilled at group facilitation and enjoys creating a sense of community to forge consensus among people with diverging ideas and opinions.

Prior to starting T&M Solutions, Teresa was the Director of Service and Retention for the Portland Trail Blazers NBA team where she spent 15 years of her career. In her role as Director, she consistently led the Ticket Services team to achieve and exceed annual revenue and retention goals.

In addition to her Director’s role, she facilitated learning and development programs for front line staff, managers and executives of the Trail Blazers. Teresa’s commitment to providing  constant reinforcement of the newly learned skills was demonstrated in the business results, as well as increased internal and external satisfaction rates.

Teresa is a native Oregonian who enjoys living and exploring  the beautiful Northwest.  When she is not working with organizations, she cherishes her time with her three adult children; Melissa, Scott and Jordan.