Some of the Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide Executive Coaching?

Yes. Our coaching package is a 90 day process that provides our clients with an action plan to overcome obstacles, communicate objectives and vision and implement leaderships strategies.

Will you assist our company with employee terminations?

Yes, we will first discuss ways to help and integrate employees that are experiencing challenges into the company vision, but we have assisted many organizations with necessary terminations.

Do you provide off-site team-building, strategic planning and/or leadership training?

Yes. We are happy to travel to your conference or off-site location. We also offer event planning services for any of our training or facilitation services we offer.

Do you offer HR Services?

We are able to coordinate many of your HR needs, such as benefits, recruitment and compliance. We also have experience consulting with companies on their employee management policies. We can also assist with writing your job descriptions and performance management systems.

Do you have experience in the Sports and Entertainment industry?

Yes, Teresa Howes has over 20 years experience in the Sports and Entertainment industry where she focused on customer loyalty programs, used technology to drive additional point-of-sale revenue and increased customer retention. We can help you take a look at your customer preferences and improve profit margins through tailored customer experiences.