Our Company Values

Our Company Values

We have many values that drive our business and our energy and passion:

Client Service

How do our values apply to your experience? When we sit down with you, we first find out three important pieces of your success puzzle:

1. Your Vision
2. Your Mission
3. Your Values

We then look at your Leadership Team and ask an important question: are your vision, mission and values communicated and acted on by everyone on the leadership team? Do the behaviors and environment created by your leadership team empower front-line employees to create memorable moments?

As we work with our clients we bring in other values, such as teamwork, community, passion and authentic relationships. If you feel that True North Leadership shares your values and can benefit your company by helping you calibrate your compass, unify your team and find True North – please call and set up your free consultation today.

Our top core values are Learn, Lead, Connect and Serve. These values drive our business and help us to provide a high level of service to our valued customers. In addition to our top values we believe in using a tool known as the Core Values Index to help our customers understand their own values and how those values can be used to maximize their results.

The Core Value’s Index

The Core Values Index (CVI) is a revolutionary tool that measures the innate, unchanging nature of people. The CVI goes back to you at your roots, the way you were born, so while some tests try to predict how you’ll respond to a certain situation, the CVI discerns what motivates you to respond. This increased self awareness provides you with the ability to choose how to respond to conflict, allows you to communicate clearly, in a language others understand, and provides you with the skills and knowledge necessary to maximize individual and team performance.

Click on the link below for your own free Core Values Index: