Your Personal CVI

The Core Values Index (CVI) is a revolutionary human assessment that provides a description of the innate, unchanging nature of an individual, which is different from personality and behavioral based assessments.

This unique instrument takes ten minutes or less to complete, and provides a highly accurate and reliable picture of the core motivational drivers of any person, with an instant report, online.

This is the only human assessment that uses strategic and tactical values in a forced choice format, to gain unequivocal insight into the innate nature of the person. Since the CVI is comprised of only positive values, no such negative disclosure is required, and no context is provided.

The Core Values Index provides a 94% repeat-score reliability, year after year. Other assessments typically provide reliability between 60% and 80%. The CVI assesment shows that not only are we capturing the innate, unchanging nature of people, but also that the instrument is extremely accurate and valid.

We use the CVI to provide individuals and teams with an awareness of themselves and others that creates a strong foundation for understanding why people behave in certain ways.  This heightened awareness allows you to increase your communication skills, reduce conflict and leverage each person’s unique contributions to drive results.

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