Leadership Development

teamwork2Manager, Director, Supervisor, Team Lead–regardless of your official title, your personal and organization’s success depends upon your ability to coach and develop the individuals on your team.

All too often we place people in managerial roles based on their knowledge, seniority or tenacity.  What we fail to do is insure they have the skills and techniques necessary to be a leader.

We celebrate the promotion, provide them with new business cards, an upgraded office and say “Congratulations, well deserved.”  We expect their experience, skills, knowledge and tenacity to be enough.  Although these traits make a great employee, they do not always make a great leader.

Whether you have been in a managerial role for years, recently promoted or striving towards a promotion, we can provide you with proven techniques to become or strengthen your leadership skills.

Our “Leading yourself to lead others” program starts with discovering who you are and how you are wired.

We use a revolutionary tool called the Core Value’s Index (CVI) to measure your innate unchanging nature as an individual. We provide competencies in developing your employees, how to  provide constructive feedback and conflict resolution strategies. At T&M Solutions, we instill the Principles of Leadership and the foundation for the most Important Keys to Effective Leadership.