Team Building

Let’s start with what team building isn’t. Team building is not a fringe benefit, like the company picnic or the holiday party, nor is it silly games you play with your co-workers to have fun off site.

Team Building is the competitive advantage your organization creates through leveraging the most important resource your company has, its people.

T&M Solutions is committed to the energy and strategy it takes to build cohesive teams through commitment vs. compliance. We begin building a cohesive team by first learning who we are, and why we act, respond and behave in certain ways as well as understand this about our teammates. We learn this through the use of a revolutionary online assessment called the Core Value’s Index.

We create a culture of trust and teach team members how to engage and encourage healthy conflict. We gain commitment from the team on decisions and standards of performance. We provide proven techniques for holding one another accountable to these commitments.

Many companies prefer to focus on strategy, finance, marketing and technology to find their competitive advantage, which are more easily measured and verified.

However, in reality team building is the foundation that those other strategies are built upon.

Cohesive teams resist the temptation to place themselves, their career aspirations and their ego’s ahead of the collective results of the team.