Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty is the new marketing. In today’s social society customers have access to all of your competitor information as well as yours and they know the differences. Do you have a plan to stand out?

Here’s why you may want to create a plan:

  1. It costs an average of 3 times as much to attract a new customer as to keep an existing one.
  2. On average, dissatisfied customers tell 5 people about their negative experience. (And what if they post their experience? Five turns into hundreds and maybe thousands.)
  3. It takes 10 good service experiences to overcome a single bad one.

Loyalty is a feeling or emotion that drives certain behaviors. The benefits of customer loyalty are Retention, Reputation, Revenue and Referrals.

And here’s another wrinkle . . .

Companies in this day and age can no longer define customers as those who buy from us. Now we have two sets of customers

  • Employees
  • Customers

These are also known as Internal and External customers. Everyone that works in the office are your internal customers. If there are problems with external customers it starts with a breakdown with your internal customers. So a good customer loyalty program starts from the inside out and considers how we treat both internal and external customers. How do you encourage your internal customers to create memorable moments and become the hero to your external customers?

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