The Hero-In Fund

The “HERO” – In Fund

Help Empower Real Opportunities

HERO”-In was founded in 2015 by Teresa Howes, President of TM Training Solutions, and has provided over $60,000.00 to Help Empower Real Opportunities for individuals and organizations in our community.

As the youngest of 8 children, raised by a single mom in rural Oregon, Teresa made her first critical decision. At 15 years old, she chose to become a teenage mom. “It never occurred to me that I was taking my first step on a leadership journey towards my True North,” Teresa said. “What I did know was the odds were against me and I had to find the ‘HERO’ in me to defy those odds.” Teresa believes with education, awareness, support and encouragement, everyone can learn to lead themselves towards a happy, healthy life. The “HERO”- In fund provides the resources and community to uplift individuals to their highest potential.

How does “HERO”-In SERVE our community?

True North Leadership Scholarships
 Recipients receive full registration to the True North Leadership Summit.
 Lodging and food for three nights are included at the Columbia Cliff Villas in Hood River, OR.

True North Leadership Women’s Summit: In Her Shoes
 Annual summit hosted for women entrepreneurs and business leaders in our community.
 Lodging and food for three nights are included at the Columbia Cliff Villas in Hood River, OR.

“Brave Betty” Leadership
 Workshops to educate, empower and uplift women in our community.
 Day camps for girls ages 12-17 to educate, empower and uplift our future female leaders.
 Events to support collaboration vs. competition among women in our community.

Where do “HERO”-In funds come from?

 TM Training Solutions donates 10% of all proceeds from their business.
 Sponsorship of True North Leadership Summit and Golf Scramble.
 Proceeds from events and registration in the True North Leadership Golf Scramble.

At True North Leadership and TM Training Solutions, we are committed to providing resources to build a stronger community. Our values
to Learn, Lead, Connect and Serve are founded in our belief that Together we are Better!!